Please Register for Our Program Åland Calling

Please provide us with your contact information (by e-mail) as well as the excursions you wish to participate in during the event Åland Calling, on August 15-20, 2022. Obligatory information is marked with an asteric (*). The information you provide us with allows us to send you information on the Åland Islands Emigrant Institute’s Event Åland Calling. 

Please do hurry to contact: to secure your hotel room(s) and ferry tickets to the Åland Islands. Please be aware that accommodations at Mariehamn are at a premium from June to mid September. 

We have created slots in the program for our guests to tell their family stories on a voluntary basis. We are most eagerly anticipating to hear your stories. Just register for this on the form below. 

We would be most grateful if you please would circulate this information to your Åland relatives and friends!

Here you can read about our excursions

Contact Information
Information on Your Emigrated Ancestors
Such as names, birthdates, old Åland home region, time of departure, and to where they left. How you relate. Please if you can, provide us with what you know of your Åland relatives. In case you have ancestors from Mainland Finland please do inform us of this, too.
Åland Calling 15-20 August 2022
Please mark the outings you wish to participate in.
We hope you will submit your story in typed form no later than early August 2022.

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