All departures start from the Red Cross Building in Mariehamn.

The outings are as follows:

1. Monday Aug. 15, at 4.45 pm
Departure for the Åland House of Government & the Provincial Archives of Åland: A 15 min. walk each way. If you are in need of transportation, please report to us. Please add it to your registration form.

2. Tuesday Aug. 16, at 2.30 pm
Visit to Kastelholm Castle & Bomarsund Fortress by bus.

3. Wednesday Aug. 17, at 2.00 pm
Visit to the Sjöblom Emigrant- and Crofter’s Museum & the Pellas Shipmaster’s Homestead by bus. 
Altering program: You can take the afternoon off for rest, shopping and/or visit with relatives. If you need help to contact them, please notify us.

4. Thursday Aug. 18, an all-day program, starting at 9.00 am
Visits in several directions to our visitors Home Parishes.

  • For those who have their roots on mainland Åland (Eckerö, Finström, Geta, Hammarland, Jomala, Lemland, Lumparland, Mariehamn, Saltvik and Sund) we offer a visit to Åland’s Museum of Owners Marks & Åland’s Museum of Photo-graphy, where we expect to have a very specific exhibit for you to enjoy.
  • For those who have departed from any of the island parishes (Brändö, Föglö, Kumlinge, Kökar, Sottunga and Vårdö) the program will be significantly different, each group will have a leader/ guide and the transport will be by ferry. 

5. Friday Aug. 19, at 2.40 pm
Departure to Föglö by bus, Hjördis Sundblom’s home croft, Föglö Church and cemetery, a view of the Norrgård Farm in Sonboda, Föglö, and Festive Dinner at the seaside Restaurant Seagram, at Degerby, Föglö. Back home about 10 pm.

6. Saturday Aug. 20, at 12.30 pm
Guided tour of the Sailing Ship Pommern.

End of the program! We hope to see you soon again!

Additional excursions

For those who wish to spend an extra day we offer the following:  

7. Sunday Aug. 21, at 12 noon: an outing by small boat to Kobba Klintar
Mariehamn’s old pilot station as of 1863 (or something similar depending on weather and wind).

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