Ålandic Emigration

The wave of emigration from Åland peaked between the years 1893-1924 when some 7200 or roughly 1/4 of the Ålandic population claimed passports. However, all passport holders did not emigrate.

The statistical calculations are made difficult by the fact that many returning emigrants left for new travels and thus occur more than once on the lists. On the other hand there was also a considerable amount of unofficial emigration by sailors who jumped ship in foreign harbors, and by individuals who emigrated from a country other than Finland.

The great “America emigration” during the decades around 1900 is the most remarkable Ålandic migration movement in modern times. However, The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute is concerned with all emigration from the Åland Islands. The purpose of the Institute is to serve as an information centre and link of contact for Ålanders, descendants of the Ålanders and friends of Åland from all around the world.

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