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The Institute collects, catalogues and distributes material connected with Ålandic emigration. The purpose of the institute is to promote research into Ålandic emigration and to function as a link between Ålanders all over the world.

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Russian American Company Recruits, by MJEBaltic-German Mediscal Doctor G. G. Schneider, by MJE

Publications by Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell, MFA

Documenting Russian American Company recruits from around the Baltic Sea:
Danes, North Frisians, Poles, Swedes, Ingrians, Finlanders, Ålanders, Baltic-Germans, Prussians, Germans
around the Danish North Sea & islands, with Altona and Hamburg.


Russian America, a time line:
Documenting Baltic-German Medical Doctor Gustaf Gottlieb Schneider & his journey from Lifland
to Tver, Moscow, Kronstadt, de Castri, Petropavlovsk, Sitka, Ajan, Blagoveshchensk, Irkutsk, Warsaw, Mustamäki & Willmanstrand.

Expected prints by January 2020.
Each one is over 200 pages of brandnew information.

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My Name is Sunny Now. A Scandinavian Emigrant’s Story.

Hjördis M. Sundblom

The Åland Island born Hjördis M. Sundblom emigrated to America 17 years of age. She worked in private families among the high society. Later she studied and was offered a job in the Physical Department at St. Luke/Roosevelt Hospital in New York. Her America years offered many experiences and her book contains not only her personal memories but is also richly illustrated. Hjördis Sundblom’s long journey lasted 52 years. She returned to the Aland Islands in 1987.

Förlaget PQR-kultur
ISBN 952-99218-0-2 
120 sidor, hardcover., ill.
Pris: 27 €

1809-2009: Contacts tied – untied – retied.

Papers presented at Finland’s XV Swedish Language Genealogical Conference & Åland Islands Family History Gathering in 2009, October 9-11, at Mariehamn.

The 200 year jubilee commemorating the painful separation from the Kingdom of Sweden was held under solemnity offering a program far more extensive than ordinarily. Within its covers this publication offers the papers presented at this international 2-day conference held at Mariehamn in 2009.

Publisher: Ålands Islands Emigrant Institute. Ålands Emigrantinstitut Publication Series 4. Mariehamn 2013.
ISBN 978-952-67684-3-4 
193 sidor, soft cover., ill. 
Price: 25 €         

Those Not Russian Russians: Finlanders & Russian-American Company’s Multiethnic Evangelical Lutheran Community in the North Pacific Region 1800-1871, with a postscript covering 1872-1930.

Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell

Identified herein are some key-individuals found in the history of Russian America, all of them of distinctly non-Russian origin. They are presented with their correct non-Russian names which they received at baptism at their Evangelical Lutheran parish Church to which they belonged as recorded into their parish church records, as well as most all their homeland’s records, firmly confirming their roots in their homeland’s language and culture – all in sharp contrast to what has commonly been stated in today’s Russia as well as published history on Russian America.

Publisher: Ålands Islands Emigrant Institute. Ålands Emigrantinstitut Publication Series 1. Mariehamn 2012.
ISBN 978-952-67684-0-3 
84 pages, soft cover, ill.
Pris: 20 € 

Biographical & Professional Data for Finnish Merchant Skipper August Wilhelm Fredriksson Riedell in Russian-American Company Service 1846-1861

Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell

Presented herein is one of the many Finnish Merchant Sea Captains recruited to uphold the Russian-American Company’s life-line Kronstadt – Sitka – Ajan – Kamchatka – Bering Island – Sitka – Kronstadt. Presented are also numerous of his Finnish and Baltic Evangelical Lutheran colleagues, with their correct non-Russian baptical names as well as correct ethnic identities.

Publisher: Ålands Islands Emigrant Institute. Ålands Emigrantinstitut Publication Series 2. Mariehamn 2012.
ISBN 978-952-67684-1-0  
60 sidor, soft cover, ill.  
Pris: 15 €          

From the Grand Duchy of Finland to Sitka, Russian America, Territory of Alaska to Baku & Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea: the journeys of 3 women & 5 men 1859-1895.

Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell

In focus are several Finnish Merchant Sea Captains, some with their wives, who at the latter part of Alaska’s Russian Era were engaged in the Russian-American Company up to 1867 and beyond, as well as their quite surprising endeavors after their 10-15 years engagement in Russian America.

Publisher: Ålands Islands Emigrant Institute. Ålands Emigrantinstitut Publication Series 3. Mariehamn 2012.
ISBN 978-952-67684-2-7
92 sidor, soft, ill.
Pris: 15 €

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